Book sprints: 10 writers working together in five days produces a better novel than one writer in 50 days

Joe Reddington


Cloud Promenade

Joe and his team have lead over 100 book sprints. Their sprints start with nothing on Monday morning and the resulting novels can be bought from Amazon by the Friday evening.

Joe is going to take you thought the process they've developed and show you why book sprints are good for writers, readers, and publishers. The session will cover what storytelling looks like when teams are driving it forward and what the fiction landscape looks like afterwards.

Dr Joseph Reddington has worked and published in various forms of technology based storytelling since 2009. From interactive storytelling for video games to live art installations, and from computational detection of narrative structure to using sensor data to allow children with disabilities to tell their parents stories about school, he has been fascinated by the amazing work that happens when technology truely supports creativity. Most famously he is the designer of the White Water Writers project, using book sprints for educational purposes in universities, schools, hospices, and secure units.

Where: Academy London

When: 15 February 2019

Confluence is in partnership with Academy London, Google’s dedicated learning space in Victoria