7 February 2020

A one day event about the business and future of storytelling

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The way we make and consume stories is changing. Explore new ideas and discover fresh opportunities for storytellers.

  • Hear from writers, narrative designers, immersive pioneers, and more.
  • Discover how businesses are using storytelling ideas to transform the way they work.
  • Learn how creative thinking is pushing the boundaries of storytelling in surprising ways.
  • Find collaborators and help build the future of storytelling.


Maja Thomas Hachette
Ravin Sampat Tortoise
Hari Patience Accenture
Kate Ansell BBC
Rianna Dearden
Dan Kieran Unbound
Sally Foote Go Compare
David Mansfield The Monday Revolution
Robert Elliott Smith Author, Rage Inside the Machine
Yen Ooi CreateThinkDo
Tim Wright National Television & Film School
Giulia Carla Rossi British Library
Andrew Stuck Museum of Walking
Jane Audas Museum consultant
Daniel Solomons Byte Behaviour
Ken Jones Circular Software
Kara Kandarakis Triforce
Sam Delaney 11-29 Media
Kate Boyle Banjo Robinson
Peter Noble
Simon Appleby Bookswarm
Julia Silk Kingsford Campbell

Photo credit: Ken Loh (Yen Ooi)


We’re grateful to our partners. Confluence can’t happen without them.

Banjo Robinson

Please contact Justine to learn about how you can get involved in 2020.

Previous events

In February 2019, we hosted the very first Confluence. You can watch our highlights video below, or view the schedule.