Walking stories

Andrew Stuck


Boundaries stage

Andrew will be talking mostly about Sound Walk September, and making a call for writers to consider writing for that field. He will also talk about the flash fiction anthologies and geo-located literary wood (in collaboration with London Wildlife Trust) and Between the Lines – a walking bookclub.

Andrew Stuck is Founding Director of the Museum of Walking that devises entertaining and creative experiences on foot. Three years ago he created the Sound Walk Sunday Festival that in 2019 attracted submissions from more than 200 contributors in 41 countries and promoted 89 events through September. Back in the day, he worked for Hodder & Stoughton publishers, selling books and subsidiary rights. He has been a literary agent, is a podcaster with more than 100 episodes under his belt, and now dabbles in book packaging.

Where: Academy London

When: 7 February 2020

Confluence is in partnership with Academy London, Google’s dedicated learning space in Victoria