Audience engagement and the power of immersive storytelling

Adipat Virdi


Cloud Promenade

This talk will be in three parts: (1) Some quick theory to show how the audience and their engagement with content has changed. (2) Some examples of key projects that have defined the Immersive Storytelling field and the innovations that made them important. (3) Focus on two projects to showcase how stories use technology to create real world social change.

Adipat is an award nominated writer / producer and has worked on various films, TV series and plays. Adipat studied Architecture and practiced Socio-Spatial Analysis before changing career to write and make films. Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, Adipat has qualifications that include Creative Writing, Marketing and PR and MA’s in Screenwriting and in Design, Strategy and Innovation. A key area of expertise is in Transmedia Production and Immersive Storytelling. Highlight of past twelve months: designing and running the BBC Future of Content think tank across 50 BBC teams.

Where: Academy London

When: 15 February 2019

Confluence is in partnership with Academy London, Google’s dedicated learning space in Victoria